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Johan Stronkhorst
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6 Dec 2017


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I am a specialist in IT Security, Risk Analysis and identity and access management (IAM), ERP (Financial management) and Business reporting.
Already since 1985 I am active in IT, as Management Consultant in a wide range of administrative organisations, varying from production- to governmental. Keywords are: A real problem solver, IT security, IAM, RBAC, risk analysis, project management, business analysis, management reporting, business intelligence, and KPI's.

The last 15 years I am much involved in the area of IT security, e-identity and risk analysis. First of all with my involvement in EEMA (PKI-Challenge and a series of seminars on topics like e-Id), later with the functional involvement in the implementation of the electronically signed and delivered Notarial deeds at the Kadaster, with PKI based signatures and document encryption. Experience with certificate handling for SME’s in the Benelux. Since 2001 I have built up a large (EEMA-related) network on information security, PKI and e-Identity. During my work in Brussels from 2007 until 2011 I took part in a series of IAM projects with Fortis, Fluxys and Fedict. Between January 2012 and July 2016 I worked as Coordinating IT Security & Risk expert for the European Commission in Luxembourg. Now I am back in the Brussel region with a series of Senior IT Security projects in Banking with KBC in Leuven, ING Brussels and in Medical Insurance with Partena Promeris Brussels, managing GDPR Compliance.


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